Frequently Asked Questions

What is ePARS?
ePARS (Electronic Personnel Activity Reporting System) is the electronic web-based effort reporting system that replaced the paper-based PAR system in 2009. Faculty, staff and students that work on sponsored projects can utilize ePARS to certify the effort they contributed to those projects. ePARS also provides information during the course of the fiscal year to assist faculty and staff in monitoring effort, so that adjustments to salary distributions are made on a timely basis.

What is effort reporting?
The Federal Guidelines (2 CFR 200 Uniform Guidance) requires payroll costs to be documented to ensure that external sponsors reimburse Washington University only for the time and effort actually expended on their behalf. Detailed information can be found at

How do I access ePARS?

Are there some additional guides for effort coordinators?
Some solutions for common scenarios have been developed and can be found at Special Cases.